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Thank you for visiting our home page, the details of the consultation form is as follows.

1. Personal information

Personal information, such as personal names and contact details, as well as the content of the questions, will be collected in our website.

2. The use of personal information

The personal information collected on this site is used for the company’s services and answers to questions raised.

3. Provision of personal information

The personal information obtained from this website will not be seen by the third party without the consent of the individual except in cases stipulated by law.

4. Personal information management

The information provided by the Company and the information collected are securely kept under strict and fair management to prevent personal information from being improperly used, lost, destroyed, tampered with and disclosed. We will take appropriate information security measures on issues related to the improper use of personal information, computer viruses and others.

5. Personl information change processing

This website in the personal information content change processing, the changes related content will be revealed on this site and record. According to records, customers can always confirm this site in the collection, what kind of information the latest news.

6. Personal information disclosure and correction

If you want to be open, or correct your personal information, we will quickly respond to the reasonable extent. For public and corrections, please contact with the company. In addition, the disclosure of relevant information may also have an actual cost situation.

Personal information consultation

About the member’s personal information processing related questions, please visit us.

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Date:November 29th 2017
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